ATEM Mini Pro ISO - Switcher

  • Blackmagic Atem Mini Pro ISO on Hire with Accord Equips Pune
  • Blackmagic Atem Mini Pro ISO on Hire with Accord Equips Pune

ATEM Mini Pro ISO - Switcher

Comes with:

ATEM Mini Pro ISO, a new 4 channel live production switcher, ATEM Mini switchers make it easy to create professional multi-camera productions for live streaming to YouTube etc. 

  • Built-in support for recording each input as a separate ISO file.
  • Saves DaVinci Resolve project file for 1 click editing of live production.
  • Supports connecting up to 4 cameras or computers.
  • Live streaming via Ethernet supported on ATEM Mini Pro.
  • USB output operates as a webcam and supports all video software.
  • Automatically standards converts and re-syncs all HDMI inputs.
  • Internal media for 20 RGBA graphics for titles, opening plates and logos.
  • Includes ATEM Advanced Chroma Key for green/blue screen work.
  • Multiview allows monitoring of all cameras on ATEM Mini Pro.
  • Audio mixer supports limiter, compressor, 6 band EQ and more!

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